Tulip  5.7.4
Large graphs analysis and drawing
tlp::DoubleProperty Class Reference

#include <DoubleProperty.h>

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Public Types

enum  PredefinedMetaValueCalculator : unsigned int {
  NO_CALC = StandardMetaValueCalculator::NO_CALC , AVG_CALC = StandardMetaValueCalculator::AVG_CALC , SUM_CALC = StandardMetaValueCalculator::SUM_CALC , MAX_CALC = StandardMetaValueCalculator::MAX_CALC ,
  MIN_CALC = StandardMetaValueCalculator::MIN_CALC

Public Member Functions

 DoubleProperty (Graph *, const std::string &n="")
void clone_handler (AbstractProperty< tlp::DoubleType, tlp::DoubleType, tlp::NumericProperty > &) override
PropertyInterfaceclonePrototype (Graph *, const std::string &) const override
NumericPropertycopyProperty (Graph *g) override
void edgesUniformQuantification (unsigned int) override
double getEdgeDoubleDefaultValue () const override
double getEdgeDoubleMax (const Graph *g=nullptr) override
double getEdgeDoubleMin (const Graph *g=nullptr) override
double getEdgeDoubleValue (const edge e) const override
double getNodeDoubleDefaultValue () const override
double getNodeDoubleMax (const Graph *g=nullptr) override
double getNodeDoubleMin (const Graph *g=nullptr) override
double getNodeDoubleValue (const node n) const override
const std::string & getTypename () const override
void nodesUniformQuantification (unsigned int) override
void setAllEdgeValue (tlp::StoredType< double >::ReturnedConstValue v) override
void setAllNodeValue (tlp::StoredType< double >::ReturnedConstValue v) override
void setEdgeValue (const edge e, tlp::StoredType< double >::ReturnedConstValue v) override
void setMetaValueCalculator (PredefinedMetaValueCalculator nodeCalc=AVG_CALC, PredefinedMetaValueCalculator edgeCalc=AVG_CALC)
void setMetaValueCalculator (PropertyInterface::MetaValueCalculator *calc) override
void setNodeValue (const node n, tlp::StoredType< double >::ReturnedConstValue v) override
void setValueToGraphEdges (tlp::StoredType< double >::ReturnedConstValue v, const Graph *graph) override
void setValueToGraphNodes (tlp::StoredType< double >::ReturnedConstValue v, const Graph *graph) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from tlp::MinMaxProperty< nodeType, edgeType, propType >
 MinMaxProperty (tlp::Graph *graph, const std::string &name, NODE_VALUE NodeMin, NODE_VALUE NodeMax, EDGE_VALUE EdgeMin, EDGE_VALUE EdgeMax)
CONST_EDGE_VALUE getEdgeMax (const Graph *graph=nullptr)
CONST_EDGE_VALUE getEdgeMin (const Graph *graph=nullptr)
CONST_NODE_VALUE getNodeMax (const Graph *graph=nullptr)
CONST_NODE_VALUE getNodeMin (const Graph *graph=nullptr)
void treatEvent (const tlp::Event &ev) override
void updateAllEdgesValues (CONST_EDGE_VALUE newValue)
void updateAllNodesValues (CONST_NODE_VALUE newValue)
void updateEdgeValue (tlp::edge e, const tlp::LineType::RealType &newValue)
void updateEdgeValue (tlp::edge e, CONST_EDGE_VALUE newValue)
void updateNodeValue (tlp::node n, CONST_NODE_VALUE newValue)
- Public Member Functions inherited from tlp::AbstractProperty< nodeType, edgeType, PropertyInterface >
 AbstractProperty (Graph *, const std::string &n="")
int compare (const edge e1, const edge e2) const override
int compare (const node n1, const node n2) const override
void computeMetaValue (edge e, tlp::Iterator< edge > *itE, Graph *mg) override
void computeMetaValue (node n, Graph *sg, Graph *mg) override
bool copy (const edge destination, const edge source, PropertyInterface *property, bool ifNotDefault=false) override
bool copy (const node destination, const node source, PropertyInterface *property, bool ifNotDefault=false) override
void copy (PropertyInterface *property) override
unsigned int edgeValueSize () const override
void erase (const edge e) override
void erase (const node n) override
DataMem * getEdgeDataMemValue (const edge e) const override
DataMem * getEdgeDefaultDataMemValue () const override
std::string getEdgeDefaultStringValue () const override
Tedge::RealType getEdgeDefaultValue () const
virtual tlp::Iterator< edge > * getEdgesEqualTo (typename tlp::StoredType< typename Tedge::RealType >::ReturnedConstValue v, const Graph *g=nullptr) const
std::string getEdgeStringValue (const edge e) const override
tlp::StoredType< typename Tedge::RealType >::ReturnedConstValue getEdgeValue (const edge e) const
DataMem * getNodeDataMemValue (const node n) const override
DataMem * getNodeDefaultDataMemValue () const override
std::string getNodeDefaultStringValue () const override
Tnode::RealType getNodeDefaultValue () const
virtual tlp::Iterator< node > * getNodesEqualTo (typename tlp::StoredType< typename Tnode::RealType >::ReturnedConstValue v, const Graph *g=nullptr) const
std::string getNodeStringValue (const node n) const override
tlp::StoredType< typename Tnode::RealType >::ReturnedConstValue getNodeValue (const node n) const
DataMem * getNonDefaultDataMemValue (const edge e) const override
DataMem * getNonDefaultDataMemValue (const node n) const override
tlp::Iterator< edge > * getNonDefaultValuatedEdges (const Graph *g=nullptr) const override
tlp::Iterator< node > * getNonDefaultValuatedNodes (const Graph *g=nullptr) const override
bool hasNonDefaultValuatedEdges (const Graph *g=nullptr) const override
bool hasNonDefaultValuatedNodes (const Graph *g=nullptr) const override
unsigned int nodeValueSize () const override
unsigned int numberOfNonDefaultValuatedEdges (const Graph *=nullptr) const override
unsigned int numberOfNonDefaultValuatedNodes (const Graph *g=nullptr) const override
virtual AbstractProperty< nodeType, edgeType, PropertyInterface > & operator= (AbstractProperty< nodeType, edgeType, PropertyInterface > &prop)
bool readEdgeDefaultValue (std::istream &) override
bool readEdgeValue (std::istream &, edge) override
bool readNodeDefaultValue (std::istream &) override
bool readNodeValue (std::istream &, node) override
void setAllEdgeDataMemValue (const DataMem *v) override
bool setAllEdgeStringValue (const std::string &inV) override
virtual void setAllEdgeValue (typename tlp::StoredType< typename Tedge::RealType >::ReturnedConstValue v)
void setAllNodeDataMemValue (const DataMem *v) override
bool setAllNodeStringValue (const std::string &inV) override
virtual void setAllNodeValue (typename tlp::StoredType< typename Tnode::RealType >::ReturnedConstValue v)
void setEdgeDataMemValue (const edge e, const DataMem *v) override
bool setEdgeDefaultStringValue (const std::string &inV) override
virtual void setEdgeDefaultValue (typename tlp::StoredType< typename Tedge::RealType >::ReturnedConstValue v)
bool setEdgeStringValue (const edge inE, const std::string &inV) override
virtual void setEdgeValue (const edge e, typename tlp::StoredType< typename Tedge::RealType >::ReturnedConstValue v)
void setMetaValueCalculator (PropertyInterface::MetaValueCalculator *mvCalc) override
void setNodeDataMemValue (const node n, const DataMem *v) override
bool setNodeDefaultStringValue (const std::string &inV) override
virtual void setNodeDefaultValue (typename tlp::StoredType< typename Tnode::RealType >::ReturnedConstValue v)
bool setNodeStringValue (const node inN, const std::string &inV) override
virtual void setNodeValue (const node n, typename tlp::StoredType< typename Tnode::RealType >::ReturnedConstValue v)
bool setStringValueToGraphEdges (const std::string &inV, const Graph *graph) override
bool setStringValueToGraphNodes (const std::string &inV, const Graph *graph) override
virtual void setValueToGraphEdges (typename tlp::StoredType< typename Tedge::RealType >::ReturnedConstValue v, const Graph *graph)
virtual void setValueToGraphNodes (typename tlp::StoredType< typename Tnode::RealType >::ReturnedConstValue v, const Graph *graph)
void writeEdgeDefaultValue (std::ostream &) const override
void writeEdgeValue (std::ostream &, edge) const override
void writeNodeDefaultValue (std::ostream &) const override
void writeNodeValue (std::ostream &, node) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from tlp::PropertyInterface
virtual const std::string & getCppClassName () const =0
tlp::GraphgetGraph () const
MetaValueCalculatorgetMetaValueCalculator ()
const std::string & getName () const
bool rename (const std::string &newName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from tlp::Observable
void addListener (Observable &listener) const
void addListener (Observable *const listener) const
void addObserver (Observable &observer) const
void addObserver (Observable *const observer) const
unsigned int countListeners () const
unsigned int countObservers () const
unsigned int getReceived () const
unsigned int getSent () const
void removeListener (Observable &listener) const
void removeListener (Observable *const listener) const
void removeObserver (Observable &observer) const
void removeObserver (Observable *const observer) const

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

static const std::string propertyTypename

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from tlp::Observable
static void disableEventNotification ()
static void enableEventNotification ()
static tlp::node getNode (const tlp::Observable *obs)
static ObservablegetObject (tlp::node n)
static const tlp::VectorGraph & getObservableGraph ()
static unsigned int getScheduled (tlp::node n)
static void holdObservers ()
static bool isAlive (tlp::node n)
static unsigned int observersHoldCounter ()
static void unholdObservers ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from tlp::MinMaxProperty< nodeType, edgeType, propType >
 MINMAX_MAP (edgeType) minMaxEdge
 MINMAX_MAP (nodeType) minMaxNode
const MINMAX_PAIR (edgeType) &computeMinMaxEdge(const Graph *graph)
const MINMAX_PAIR (nodeType) &computeMinMaxNode(const Graph *graph)
void removeListenersAndClearEdgeMap ()
void removeListenersAndClearNodeMap ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from tlp::AbstractProperty< nodeType, edgeType, PropertyInterface >
virtual void clone_handler (AbstractProperty< nodeType, edgeType, PropertyInterface > &)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from tlp::PropertyInterface
void notifyAfterSetAllEdgeValue ()
void notifyAfterSetAllNodeValue ()
void notifyAfterSetEdgeValue (const edge e)
void notifyAfterSetNodeValue (const node n)
void notifyBeforeSetAllEdgeValue ()
void notifyBeforeSetAllNodeValue ()
void notifyBeforeSetEdgeValue (const edge e)
void notifyBeforeSetNodeValue (const node n)
void notifyDestroy ()
void notifyRename (const std::string &newName)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from tlp::Observable
 Observable (const Observable &)
bool hasOnlookers () const
void observableDeleted ()
Observableoperator= (const Observable &)
void sendEvent (const Event &message)
virtual void treatEvents (const std::vector< Event > &events)
- Protected Attributes inherited from tlp::MinMaxProperty< nodeType, edgeType, propType >
bool needGraphListener
- Protected Attributes inherited from tlp::AbstractProperty< nodeType, edgeType, PropertyInterface >
Tedge::RealType edgeDefaultValue
MutableContainer< typename Tedge::RealType > edgeProperties
Tnode::RealType nodeDefaultValue
MutableContainer< typename Tnode::RealType > nodeProperties
- Protected Attributes inherited from tlp::PropertyInterface
std::string name

Detailed Description

A graph property that maps a double value to graph elements.

Definition at line 39 of file DoubleProperty.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ clonePrototype()

PropertyInterface* tlp::DoubleProperty::clonePrototype ( Graph graph,
const std::string &  name 
) const

Creates a property of the same type (e.g. tlp::DoubleProperty) in the graph. The new property will not contain a copy of this property's values.

graphThe Graph in which to create the new property.
nameThe name of the new property.
The newly created property.

Implements tlp::PropertyInterface.

◆ getTypename()

const std::string& tlp::DoubleProperty::getTypename ( ) const

Gets a string describing the type of the property value (e.g. "graph", "double", "layout", "string", "integer", "color", "size").

The name of this property's type.

Implements tlp::PropertyInterface.

Definition at line 48 of file DoubleProperty.h.

◆ setMetaValueCalculator()

void tlp::DoubleProperty::setMetaValueCalculator ( PropertyInterface::MetaValueCalculator calculator)

Sets the Calculator for meta nodes and edges.

calculatorThe object containing the logic for computing the meta values for the nodes and edges.
The ownership of the MetaValueCalculator is not taken by the property.

Reimplemented from tlp::PropertyInterface.