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tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent Class Reference

#include <BaseGraphicsViewComponent.h>

Inherits tlp::AbstractView.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::BaseGraphicsViewComponent const std::string &  realViewName  ) 

virtual tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::~BaseGraphicsViewComponent  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual QWidget* tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::construct QWidget *  parent  )  [virtual]

Construct GUI of the view

QWidget is the main widget of the view (in MainController this widget will be add to workspace)

Reimplemented from tlp::AbstractView.

virtual void tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::createPicture const std::string &  pictureName,
int  width = 0,
int  height = 0
[inline, virtual]

Take a snapshot of the view and put it in a picture

Implements tlp::View.

virtual void tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::draw  )  [virtual, slot]

Draw the view

Implements tlp::View.

virtual void tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::elementSelectedSlot unsigned  int,
[virtual, slot]

virtual void tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::getData Graph **  graph,
DataSet *  dataSet
[inline, virtual]

Get the graph and data of the view

Implements tlp::View.

virtual Graph* tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::getGraph  )  [inline, virtual]

get Graph attached to this view

Implements tlp::View.

virtual std::list<Interactor *> tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::getInteractors  )  [inline, virtual]

Return interactors of this view

Reimplemented from tlp::AbstractView.

virtual std::string tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::getRealViewName  )  [virtual]

Return the real view name (if "" the real name is the name give by plugin)

Reimplemented from tlp::View.

virtual void tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::init  )  [virtual, slot]

Reinit the view and draw

Implements tlp::View.

virtual void tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::refresh  )  [virtual, slot]

Refresh the view (data don't be modified)

Implements tlp::View.

virtual void tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::setActiveInteractor Interactor interactor  )  [inline, virtual]

Set active interactor on this view

Reimplemented from tlp::AbstractView.

virtual void tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::setData Graph *  graph,
DataSet  dataSet
[inline, virtual]

Set the graph and data to the view

Implements tlp::View.

virtual void tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::setGraph Graph *  graph  )  [inline, virtual, slot]

Change the graph

Implements tlp::View.

virtual void tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::setInteractors const std::list< Interactor * > &  interactors  )  [inline, virtual]

Set all interactors available forthis view Interactors are create (allocate) but now view have responsibility of her destruction

Reimplemented from tlp::AbstractView.

Member Data Documentation

View* tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::baseView [protected]

GlMainWidgetGraphicsView* tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::graphicsView [protected]

QFrame* tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::overviewFrame [protected]

GWOverviewWidget* tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::overviewWidget [protected]

std::string tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent::realViewName [protected]

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