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tlp::AbstractView Class Reference

#include <AbstractView.h>

Inherits tlp::View.

Inherited by tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent, and tlp::GlMainView.

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Detailed Description

Abstract view provide interactors' functions.

Abstract view provide a View with interactors' basic functions like getInteractors, pushInteractor and popInteractor You can inherit from it if you want this functions In tulip-qt GlMainView inherit from it

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::AbstractView::AbstractView  ) 

Basic constructor

virtual tlp::AbstractView::~AbstractView  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void tlp::AbstractView::buildContextMenu QObject *  object,
QMouseEvent *  event,
QMenu *  contextMenu
[protected, virtual]

empty function : implement this function if you want a context menu when you right click the mouse

Reimplemented in tlp::GlMainView, and tlp::NodeLinkDiagramComponent.

virtual void tlp::AbstractView::buildOutputImagesFormatsList std::set< std::string > &  outputFormats  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual void tlp::AbstractView::computeContextMenuAction QAction *   )  [inline, protected, virtual]

empty function : implement this function if you have implement buildContextMenu()

Reimplemented in tlp::NodeLinkDiagramComponent.

virtual QWidget* tlp::AbstractView::construct QWidget *  parent  )  [virtual]

Construct GUI of the view

QWidget is the main widget of the view (in MainController this widget will be add to workspace)

Implements tlp::View.

Reimplemented in tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent, tlp::GlMainView, and tlp::NodeLinkDiagramComponent.

bool tlp::AbstractView::eventFilter QObject *  object,
QEvent *  event

this function is call by Qt this function call specificEventFilter, buildContextMenu and computeContextMenu

virtual void tlp::AbstractView::exportImage QAction *  action  )  [virtual, slot]

Interactor* tlp::AbstractView::getActiveInteractor  )  [inline, virtual]

return current interactor

Implements tlp::View.

virtual std::list<Interactor *> tlp::AbstractView::getInteractors  )  [virtual]

Return interactors of this view

Implements tlp::View.

Reimplemented in tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent.

QWidget* tlp::AbstractView::getWidget  )  [inline, virtual]

Return the widget of this view

Implements tlp::View.

virtual void tlp::AbstractView::setActiveInteractor Interactor interactor  )  [virtual]

Set active interactor on this view

Implements tlp::View.

Reimplemented in tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent.

void tlp::AbstractView::setCentralWidget QWidget *  widget  )  [protected]

set the central widget of the view call this function to set view's centralWidget

virtual void tlp::AbstractView::setInteractors const std::list< Interactor * > &  interactorsList  )  [virtual]

Set all interactors available forthis view Interactors are create (allocate) but now view have responsibility of her destruction

Implements tlp::View.

Reimplemented in tlp::BaseGraphicsViewComponent.

virtual void tlp::AbstractView::specificEventFilter QObject *  ,
QEvent * 
[inline, protected, virtual]

empty function : implement this function if you want a specific event filter in your view

Reimplemented in tlp::NodeLinkDiagramComponent.

Member Data Documentation

Interactor* tlp::AbstractView::activeInteractor [protected]

QWidget* tlp::AbstractView::centralWidget [protected]

QMenu* tlp::AbstractView::exportImageMenu [protected]

std::list<Interactor *> tlp::AbstractView::interactors [protected]

QVBoxLayout* tlp::AbstractView::mainLayout [protected]

QWidget* tlp::AbstractView::widget [protected]

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