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tlp::MainController Class Reference

#include <MainController.h>

Inherits tlp::ControllerViewsManager.

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Detailed Description

Default controller of Tulip.

This Controller create a GUI like the old Tulip On left : Property, and hierarchical view In view menu you have access to all view plugins

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::set< tlp::Observable * >::iterator tlp::MainController::ObserverIterator [protected]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::MainController::MainController  ) 

Default constructor

virtual tlp::MainController::~MainController  )  [virtual]

Default destructor

Member Function Documentation

void tlp::MainController::addLocalProperty Graph *  ,
const std::string & 

Call when a local property is add

void tlp::MainController::addSubGraph Graph *  ,
Graph * 

Call when a subgraph is add

void tlp::MainController::afterChangeProperty  )  [protected]

Activate undo/redo button, reload propertyWidget and redrawViews after we have change a property

void tlp::MainController::afterSetAttribute Graph *  ,
const std::string & 

Call when an attribute is set on a graph

void tlp::MainController::applyAlgorithm  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::applyMorphing GraphState *  graphState  )  [protected]

Do a morphing between current state and the given GraphState

void tlp::MainController::attachMainWindow MainWindowFacade  facade  )  [virtual]

Attach the QMainWindow to the controller

Reimplemented from tlp::ControllerViewsManager.

void tlp::MainController::buildMenu  )  [protected]

Construct main menu

void tlp::MainController::changeColors  )  [protected, slot]

virtual bool tlp::MainController::changeGraph Graph *  graph  )  [protected, virtual, slot]

Change the graph and load it in left part of the GUI

Reimplemented from tlp::ControllerViewsManager.

void tlp::MainController::changeInt  )  [protected, slot]

virtual bool tlp::MainController::changeInteractor QAction *  action  )  [protected, virtual, slot]

Load the interactor (referenced by the given QAction) in current View

Reimplemented from tlp::ControllerViewsManager.

void tlp::MainController::changeLayout  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::changeMetric  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::changeSelection  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::changeSizes  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::changeString  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::clearObservers  )  [protected]

Clear all observers

GraphState* tlp::MainController::constructGraphState  )  [protected]

Store current view in a GraphState to use it with applyMorphing function

virtual View* tlp::MainController::createView const std::string &  name,
Graph *  graph,
DataSet  dataSet,
bool  forceWidgetSize = true,
const QRect &  rect = QRect(0, 0, 0, 0),
bool  maximized = false
[protected, virtual]

Create a view with name : name

Reimplemented from tlp::ControllerViewsManager.

void tlp::MainController::delLocalProperty Graph *  ,
const std::string & 

Call when a local property is delete

void tlp::MainController::delSubGraph Graph *  ,
Graph * 

Call when a subgraph is remove

virtual void tlp::MainController::drawViews bool  init = false  )  [protected, virtual]

Draw/Init all views

Reimplemented from tlp::ControllerViewsManager.

void tlp::MainController::editCopy  )  [slot]

void tlp::MainController::editCreateGroup  )  [slot]

void tlp::MainController::editCreateSubgraph  )  [slot]

void tlp::MainController::editCut  )  [slot]

void tlp::MainController::editDelSelection  )  [slot]

void tlp::MainController::editDeselectAll  )  [slot]

void tlp::MainController::editFind  )  [slot]

void tlp::MainController::editPaste  )  [slot]

void tlp::MainController::editReverseSelection  )  [slot]

void tlp::MainController::editSelectAll  )  [slot]

void tlp::MainController::getData Graph **  graph,
DataSet *  dataSet

Return the graph and the dataSet of the controller

Implements tlp::Controller.

void tlp::MainController::graphAboutToBeRemove Graph *  graph  )  [protected, slot]

Clear observers when a graph is about to be remove

void tlp::MainController::initializeGraph Graph *  graph  )  [protected]

Set the default initialization of the graph

View* tlp::MainController::initMainView DataSet  dataSet  )  [protected]

Create and init the main view (NodeLinkDiagramComponent)

void tlp::MainController::initObservers  )  [protected]

Init all observers (graph and properties)

void tlp::MainController::isAcyclic  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::isBiconnected  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::isConnected  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::isFreeTree  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::isOuterPlanar  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::isPlanar  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::isSimple  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::isTree  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::isTriconnected  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::loadGUI  )  [protected]

Load the GUI

void tlp::MainController::makeAcyclic  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::makeBiconnected  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::makeConnected  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::makeDirected  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::makeSimple  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::observableDestroyed Observable *   )  [protected]

This function is call when an observable is destroyed

void tlp::MainController::redo  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::reverseSelectedEdgeDirection  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::setData Graph *  graph = 0,
DataSet  dataSet = DataSet()

Set graph and dataSet to the controller

Implements tlp::Controller.

void tlp::MainController::showElementProperties unsigned int  eltId,
bool  isNode
[protected, slot]

This slot is call when a view emit elementSelected Show the element in left part of the GUI

void tlp::MainController::showGraphEditor  )  [protected, slot]

This slot is call to ensure the Graph Editor is visible

void tlp::MainController::showViewEditor  )  [protected, slot]

This slot is call to ensure the View Editor is visible

void tlp::MainController::undo  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::update ObserverIterator  begin,
ObserverIterator  end

This function is call when an observable is update

void tlp::MainController::updateCurrentGraphInfos  )  [protected]

Call to update number of nodes/edges

void tlp::MainController::updateUndoRedoInfos  )  [protected, slot]

void tlp::MainController::viewRequestChangeGraph View view,
Graph *  graph
[protected, slot]

This slot is call when a view want to change its graph

virtual void tlp::MainController::widgetWillBeClosed QObject *  object  )  [protected, virtual, slot]

This slot is call went a view will be closed

Reimplemented from tlp::ControllerViewsManager.

virtual bool tlp::MainController::windowActivated QWidget *  w  )  [protected, virtual, slot]

This function is call when a view is activated Return true if view can be activated (ie this view exist)

Reimplemented from tlp::ControllerViewsManager.

Member Data Documentation

QMenu* tlp::MainController::algorithmMenu [protected]

bool tlp::MainController::blockUpdate [protected]

SGHierarchyWidget* tlp::MainController::clusterTreeWidget [protected]

QMenu* tlp::MainController::colorsMenu [protected]

QDockWidget* tlp::MainController::configWidgetDock [protected]

QTabWidget* tlp::MainController::configWidgetTab [protected]

Graph* tlp::MainController::copyCutPasteGraph [protected]

unsigned int tlp::MainController::currentGraphNbEdges [protected]

unsigned int tlp::MainController::currentGraphNbNodes [protected]

QMenu* tlp::MainController::editMenu [protected]

QAction* tlp::MainController::editRedoAction [protected]

QAction* tlp::MainController::editUndoAction [protected]

ElementPropertiesWidget* tlp::MainController::eltProperties [protected]

QAction* tlp::MainController::forceRatioAction [protected]

QMenu* tlp::MainController::generalMenu [protected]

QMenu* tlp::MainController::graphMenu [protected]

Graph* tlp::MainController::graphToReload [protected]

bool tlp::MainController::inAlgorithm [protected]

QMenu* tlp::MainController::intMenu [protected]

std::map<View *, int> tlp::MainController::lastConfigTabIndexOnView [protected]

QMenu* tlp::MainController::layoutMenu [protected]

QAction* tlp::MainController::mapMetricAction [protected]

QMenu* tlp::MainController::metricMenu [protected]

Morphing* tlp::MainController::morph [protected]

QAction* tlp::MainController::morphingAction [protected]

QMenu* tlp::MainController::optionsMenu [protected]

PropertyDialog* tlp::MainController::propertiesWidget [protected]

QAction* tlp::MainController::redoAction [protected]

QMenu* tlp::MainController::selectMenu [protected]

QMenu* tlp::MainController::sizesMenu [protected]

QMenu* tlp::MainController::stringMenu [protected]

QDockWidget* tlp::MainController::tabWidgetDock [protected]

QAction* tlp::MainController::undoAction [protected]

QMenu* tlp::MainController::viewMenu [protected]

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