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[Tulip 4] Alpha 2 will soon be out

Hi everyone,

This day comes with a small news to tell you that we are currently working on the release of the Tulip 4 alpha 2 and we are nearly done.
We will put a detailed list of new features coming along with this release when we will put it online.

Cheers ^^

Basic Graph and property handling

Creating a graph

All the required functions are declared in <tulip/Graph.h>

tlp::Graph* g = tlp::newGraph();

This is the only way to create a Tulip graph from scratch, you cannot create a new instance of tlp::Graph as it is an abstract class.

Other ways to get a tlp::Graph is to import it from a file.

To import a file in the Tulip format, simply use :

Edge Separation

This tutorial will walk you through developing a process that simply separate edges when there are multiple edges between two nodes.


What we want to do is pretty simple:

When we have lots of edges between two nodes, it is pretty hard to keep track of them, especially since the default behavior piles them up and you really see one edge.

This would typically be called as a post-treatment after another layout algorithm.


Weekly Plug-in tutorials starting next week

Starting next week, there will be a plug-in tutorial posted on the website, every week.

They may focus on very different topics (basic plug-in development, interactor development, using the rendering engine in a plug-in, etc) and will contains tips and tricks from the Tulip team on Tulip development.

For the first weekly plug-in, you will have a tutorial on the creation of an InteractorComponent, re-using already existing Tulip components to create a general-purpose Interactor, allowing the user to perform the most frequent tasks without switching interactor.

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