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Data Visualization Software

 Tulip is an information visualization framework dedicated to the analysis and visualization of relational data. Tulip aims to provide the developer with a complete library, supporting the design of interactive information visualization applications for relational data that can be tailored to the problems he or she is addressing.


Written in C++ the framework enables the development of algorithms, visual encodings, interaction techniques, data models, and domain-specific visualizations. One of the goal of Tulip is to ease the reuse of components and allows the developers to focus on programming their application. This development pipeline makes the framework efficient for research prototyping as well as the development of end-user applications.


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Tulip 5.7.4 is available
2024-03-22 12:20
Tulip 5.7.3 is available
2023-12-12 11:40
Tulip 5.7.2 is available
2023-06-30 07:33
Tulip 5.7.1 is available
2023-03-22 18:47
Tulip 5.7 is available
2022-12-19 10:13
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