Plugins Management (Mac OS and Windows only)

The plugin management center can be found in the Tulip window, under the tab “Plugins center”.


As you can see, we are here again speaking of the framework and no more of the perspective. The plugins are added directly into Tulip so they can become available in every perspective in the framework. Please, also note that due to library specification and software portability, the Plugin center is not available on Unix-like systems and therefore can only be used on the Apple Mac OS and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The plugins center panel is divided into three parts.

  • The toolbar: located at the top, contains the “Plugins center” and “Repositories” buttons and the plugins search field.

  • The side menu: contains the plugin categories and the errors found during the importation of the plugins.

  • The main view: display the current content.


To install a plugin, in our example the “Connected Tree Component”, select it by clicking on its frame. You will see a button labelled Install followed by the version number of the plugin.


Once clicked on, a message indicating the need to restart Tulip to apply the changes appears.

After relaunching the software, the plugin, here the algorithm, will be available


A little checked box in top-right corner of the plugins frame indicates the plugin is ready to be used in the software.