Welcome to Tulip Python documentation!

Tulip is an information visualization framework written in C++ dedicated to the analysis and visualization of graphs. Tulip Python is a set of modules that exposes to Python almost all the content of the Tulip C++ API. The bindings has been developed with the SIP tool from Riverbank. The main features provided by the bindings are listed below:

  • creation and manipulation of graphs

  • storage of data on graph elements (float, integer, Boolean, color, size, coordinate, list, …)

  • application of algorithms of different types on graphs (layout, metric, clustering, …)

  • the ability to write Tulip plugins in pure Python

The bindings can be used inside the Tulip software GUI in order to run scripts on the current visualized graph. Starting from Tulip 3.6, the bindings can also be used outside Tulip through the classical Python interpreter.


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