Tulip  5.7.0
Large graphs analysis and drawing
tlp::GLInteractorComponent Class Reference

#include <GLInteractor.h>

Inherits tlp::InteractorComponent.

Public Slots

virtual bool compute (tlp::GlMainWidget *)
virtual bool draw (tlp::GlMainWidget *)

Detailed Description

The GLInteractorComponent class is an InteractorComponent that can do OpenGL rendering on a GlMainWidget.

Only GLInteractorComponent that are stored into a GLInteractorComposite will be able to do OpenGL rendering. Storing them into an InteractorComposite will have no effect.

GLInteractorComponent are meant to be stored into a GLInteractorComposite When installed on a GlMainWidget, this interactor will have two new methods getting called: @list

  • draw: Draws a visual feedback into the OpenGL scene. This is called after the scene was rendered
  • compute: Allows the interactor to do some pre-initialisation steps before the OpenGL scene is rendered. @endlist

Definition at line 46 of file GLInteractor.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ compute

virtual bool tlp::GLInteractorComponent::compute ( tlp::GlMainWidget )

Initializes the interactor before the scene in the given GlMainWidget is rendered.

Definition at line 62 of file GLInteractor.h.

◆ draw

virtual bool tlp::GLInteractorComponent::draw ( tlp::GlMainWidget )

Draws an OpenGL visual feedback for the interactor into a given GlMainWidget. This method is called after the scene was rendered.

true if the rendering completed successfully

Definition at line 55 of file GLInteractor.h.