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Tulip now compiles with Visual Studio 2010 (and new plug-in of the week)

Hello !

This week, a simple import plug-in that will take an image, an for each pixel in this image, create a node.


On another matter, a work ongoing for a few weeks has reached its aim : Compiling Tulip with Visual Studio is now possible !

This will no doubt be great news to Tulip Windows developpers, as they can pick their favorite IDE and have fun with Tulip !

We are working hard to make Tulip development a breeze on windows.

If you are new to Tulip Windows development, check out the Tutorial on how to set up your (mingw) environent !

We have also uploaded an archive containing most of the Tulip dependencies here (except CMake and Qt).

A tutorial on how ot develop using Visual studio will be out some time next week.


Happy coding !