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Tulip 3.4.0 released

This release contains new features in the core, opengl rendering and qt gui and plugins parts, performance improvements in the core and opengl rendering libraries, support of g++/gcc 4.5, and many bug fixes.


  • new core feature: the library integrates a new "meta value calculator" mechanism allowing more flexibility in the computation of property values for meta nodes or edges.
  • new opengl features: a mechanism of animated textures has been added, a dedicated interactor has been added, the management of convex hulls has been rewritten.
  • new gui features: the property editor, the selection interactor and the center view mechanism have been improved, a CSV import dialog and a Tips dialog has been added, the support of UTF8 strings has been also added.
  • new plugins features: the Web import plugin, Squarified Tree Map and Random layout plugins have been improved, an automatic restart of the gui after the updates of plugins has been added.
  • core performance improvements: basic types management has been improved, the tlp file format has been also improved to speed up the load of huge graph and minimize the memory consumption, the parallelization of some algorithms have been performed using OpenMP
  • opengl performance improvements: the rendering of glyphs has been improved, the rendering of edges has been also improved using GPU computing

This is the last release providing a downloadable dmg file for MacOS X Power PC, and also the last allowing a build using the autotools.