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Tulip 5.6 is available

Tulip 5.6 offers numerous enhancements mainly in:

  • the Geographic view with
  • the Node-link diagram view with the ability to display textured subgraphs convex hulls,
  •  most views with the use of an automatic save/restore View state mechanism when switching between different graphs in the same view,

Many bugs have been also fixed,  especially in views implementation.

Important notice for Python users
As previously announced, Python 2.7 and 3.5 versions are non longer supported.

Download links
Binaries are available for Windows (64-bit), Linux (a 64-bit AppImage) and MacOSX platforms from the dedicated SourceForge page.
Source packages can be downloaded from the same page.
A Windows binary without the Python components is also available for users who do not aim to use
a specific Python code to interact with their data when using Tulip.