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Tulip 4.8.0 is available

This release offers some new features, mainly :

  • new layout plugins coming from the newly integrated OGDF v2015.05,
  • an improved version of the Color mapping plugin with predefined color schemes added from,
  • a compressed format for the TLPB import/export plugins.

It adds some improvements in :

  • the computation performance of K-Core and Louvain clustering measures,
  • the graphical user interface of the Self Organizing map dedicated view.

Many bugs have been also fixed especially in :

  • the Python dedicated view and IDE,
  • the Edge bundling plugin,
  • the Scatter plot, Histogram and Pixel oriented dedicated views.

Download links
Binaries are available for Windows (32 and 64 bit OS) and MacOSX platforms from the dedicated SourceForge page.
Source package for any distributions can be downloaded from the same page.
Binaries without the Python components are also available.
These are intended to users who do not need to develop any specific Python code to interact with their data when using Tulip.