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Tulip 4.7.0 is available

This is essentialy a maintenance release with many bug fixes and improvements in:

  • the OpenGL rendering engine,
  • the GUI, especially in the
    • Adjacency Matrix,
    • Geographic,
    • Histogram,
    • Parallel Coordinates,
    • Scatter plot

    dedicated views.

The computation performance of some clustering measures:

  • Link communities,
  • Louvain,
  • MCL,

has been greatly improved too.

Two new features have been also added;
a new edge drawing algorithm Curve Edges can be used to compute quadratic or cubic bezier paths for edges,
while the new rendering property viewFontAwesomeIcon ease the customization of nodes display,
allowing to use one of the many predefined icons (about 600 are available) of the free "Font Awesome" iconic font (by David Gandy - see
for the rendering of every node of a graph.

Download links
Binaries are available for Windows (32 and 64 bit OS) and MacOSX platforms (i386/x86_64 universal binary) from the dedicated SourceForge page.
Source package for any distributions can be downloaded from the same page.
Binaries without the Python components are also available.
These are intended to users who do not need to develop any specific Python code to interact with their data when using Tulip.