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Tulip version 3.3.0 released

This release has a new CMake build system, new GUI features, Tulip core library performance improvements, OpenGL rendering engine improvements, plugins download improvements, support of Qt 4.6, and many bug fixes.


  • CMake build: it is now possible to build Tulip from sources using CMake; build with autotools is yet supported.
  • new GUI features: a Preferences manager has been added. For example, it provides the choice of the selection color, it allows to enable/disable the check of new downloadable plugins at launch time. The Properties tab allows to choose the list of displayed properties.
  • OpenGL rendering engine improvements: the computation of the level of details has been improved, new properties has been added for the management of fonts and the display of edges.
  • plugins donwload improvements: plugins download is now managed on a per user basis.