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Tulip 4.3 is available

This is essentially a maintenance release with many bug fixes,
especially in the GUI, the OpenGL rendering engine and the Python Script view.

The GUI has been also updated with the redesign of:

  • the Adjacency Matrix view's settings panel,
  • the Node Link Diagram view's quick access bar,
  • the Spreadsheet view's properties panel.

The Python Script documentation has been improved.

Finally some new features has been added:

  • the NumericProperty class, a common interface to the DoubleProperty and IntegerProperty classes
    (Most plugins which formerly accepted a DoubleProperty as input now accept also an IntegerProperty)
  • 2 new rendering properties (viewLabelBorderColor, viewLabelBorderWidth),
  • Qt5 support.

Download links
Binaries are available for Windows and MacOS platforms from our SourceForge page. Source package for any distributions can be downloaded from the same page.