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Tulip 4.2 is out

Since previous version, numerous bugs (essentially in the new GUI) have been fixed and missing edition features existing in Tulip 3 have been integrated.
Many new plugins (most of them were previously downloadable) are provided in this release and thus are included in the source package.

New plugins available in this release are:

  • Views
    Geographic view, Histogram view, Matrix view, Parallel coordinates view, Pixel oriented view, Scatter plot 2D view, SOM view
  • Metrics
    K-Cores, Link Communities, Louvain clustering, MCL clustering, Page Rank, Welsh and Powel
  • Interactors
    Fish Eye, Mouse lasso nodes selector, Neighborhood highlighter, Path finder
  • Layouts
    Fast overlap removal, Grip
  • General Algorithm
    Edge bundling
  • Import
    Facebook friends

Download links
Binaries are available for Windows and MacOS platforms from our SourceForge page. Source package for any distributions can be downloaded from the same page.