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Tulip 4.1 is available

Hi everyone,

It's been 12 days now since Tulip 4 has been released and a lot has been done.
As we expected, this new release encountered a lot of problems and we have been working full time to fix everything that the users reported to us.

That's why we are releasing Tulip 4.1 that early. Major changes included are:

  • A revamped search widget meant to be much more intuitive when handling complex types (colors, sizes, etc)
  • A lot of fixes on the spreadsheet panel, especially when handling properties.
  • UI tweaks for MacOS
  • New plugins, such has the hierarchy editor (available for download into the plugins center for Windows and MacOS users)

We have also discussed about giving the source code of our external plugins to Linux users. A lot of plug-ins that were not available in the Tulip bundle will soon appear on our SVN and will be available for checkout.

Here you'll find the download links for Tulip depending on your operating system:


Sources packages
(.zip format)