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Tulip 4.0.0 RC2 released

Hi everyone,

We are proud to announce that the second release candidate for Tulip 4.0.0 is now available for download.

Aside from a huge amount of bug fixes, this release includes several additional features:

  • More context-menu options are now available. You will now be able to take a snapshot from any 3D visualisation of your graph (Node Link, Histogram, Parallel coordinates, etc)
  • A six-panels mode have been added to the workspace. This ensure that any demo from Tulip 3 posted on the website can also be run into Tulip 4.
  • The interactors bar is now scrollable when the main window is minimized so you won't get any weird visual feedback on lower screen resolution anymore.
  • Some extra filtering options have been added into the Spreadsheet (like hiding system properties.

As I said, a lot of bugs have also been fixed thanks to all the feedbacks coming from the Tulip community. We hope that this second release candidate will be able to satisfy everybody's expectations.
You can download the Tulip version matching your operating system from the links below:


Sources packages
(.zip format)