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Tulip 3.6.0 Beta 1 is available now

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Hello everybody !

Tulip 3.6.0 beta 1 is now available for all intrepid testers to try out !

This new version brings quite a lot of stuff :

New "Screenshot" button, allowing to export an image of the current graph to any resolution !

All the OGDF algorithms are now installed by default

new labeling system, makes text much more readable

new TableView allows to easily see and edit your data in a tabular format

lots of UI improvements to make Tulip more intuitive (the leftmost panel shows a disabled style while not useable)

Algorithms are run in a background thread to keep UI responsive

Attributes are saved on subgraphs

Integration of a multitouch patch that allows zooming using the "pinch" gesture

And, of course, bugfixes and performance improvements too.


The work on Tulip4 is now going full throttle, as 3.6 will probably be the last major release of the 3.X branch. We plan on maintaining until Tulip4 is really stable or there are no more bus reported, whichever comes first.