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Tulip 3.5.0 Release Candidate

Tulip 3.5.0 is as close to a final release as can be.

The RC packages have been uploaded on the sourceforge servers, and if no serious bug appears, the final release will just be a renaming of this version.

We are in the process of generating the plugins servers, and users of the RC can safely use it as soon as it is ready (probably by the end of the week).

However, if you have installed a beta, we strongly advise to update, as some bugs have been fixed since the beta 2.

Go grab the RC and report any bugs you encounter !

We are preparing some screencasts to demonstrate the new CSV import and python scripting capabilities of Tulip 3.5, which are the two foremost features of this release.


Meanwhile, we have started work on Tulip 3.6, and have established a RoadMap.

We will modify the website a bit to make this page and some related content easily available in the next weeks.