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IRC and mishap

Some of you may have noticed a news titled "What's new in Tulip 3.5" yesterday, but could not access it.

This is because I mistakenly thought that if the news is not published (i.e. not accessible to anonymous users) it would not appear in th rss feed.

Well, now I know it does.

I was working on a first draft of the changelog, and left it unpublished for review, this news will most likely be published next week.


On a side note, we have seen some people drop in our IRC channel, ask if anyone is there, and leave, all in less than a minute.

We are there (except last week, I was alone on the chan) and we will read and reply if you have questions, but please understand that we may be taking a coffee break when you drop in, or we may just miss the notification.

Also, we may not be in the office (someone dropped in the chan at 2am [UTC+1], so it seems normal no one is there).

If you have a question that needs an answer, but do not have time to hang on the chan to get it, the forums may be a more appropriate place for asking it.

We'll be happy to answer next time, if you give us more than 1 minute to do so :)