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Update on QtJambi and script, release process

Some of you may remember that some time ago, I posted a news about Tulip, Java with QtJambi, Python and QtScript plugins.

Well, we have not been idle all this time, but these were side projects, and were treated with such priority.

Sadly, we have come to the conclusion that QtJambi is not something we can release with Tulip, because we have not found a solution to make it work seamlessly on all platforms with the current Tulip architecture.
It works pretty nicely on linux, but fails miserably on windows, because we want to instantiate the Java VM from the DllMain (if you are interested by the subject, take a look here).

With some work, we could have this working, but right now it is a priority for no one, so it will wait until at least Tulip 3.6.

We have had some internal talks about the different scripting technologies available to us, and what came out was that Python is a more popular and widely-known language than QtScript, and that having woth technologies would have too few advantages and too important development costs.

So for now, we are only planning to distribute the Python plugin, but there too we have some difficulties.

The question is : Should we have the user install Python independently, or distribute it ? (We do not want to statically link python because we would lose the ability to use external modules).

We have not yet resolved this question, and so will not distribute this plug-in just yet, be we can tell you it works pretty well, and includes some QScintilla auto-completion :)


In completely other news, we are re-designing our release process, and your input is welcome ! Would you like to see nightly builds ? A thorough beta and RC cycle before the final release ? Unicorns and double rainbows ?

Drop in our irc channel (if you click on Support->Live Assistance, a new browser window will open on an irc webclient) or leave a comment to let us know what you think we should do for you.