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And, we're back !

After a few weeks of slowed activity on the website, we are back with some interesting news.

The new plug-in of the week is here, but it is the start of a series where we will implement Conway's Game of Life with Tulip.

This will be a full Tulip perspective, designed to be a Tutorial in the first parts, and a little showcase of Tulip's capabilities in the following. You can find it as usual in User/Tutorials.

I also created a irc channel on freenode (#tulip, if it really needs to be said). For now I am the only developper there, but if this experiment proves a sucessfull way of easing communication, we might adopt it as an official channel. Join if you have any question at all concerning Tulip, be it useage, development, plug-ins, or anything else !

Stay tuned for more, as the following weeks promises to be filled with interesting news :)