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Tulip version 2.0.3 released

Thisis a new release, new features, fix of several bugs

details: Lib tulip: Add support of map (for planar graphs),add planarity test algorithmLib tulip-ogl: Add support of noderotation(z-axis)Plugins: add new graph drawing algorithm(Mixed Model, Squarified treemap, Improved Walker, Dendrogram, rectanglepacking), improvements and bug fix of other plug-ins.TulipSoftware: Add help window, add access to test function (planar, acyclic,tree, biconnected, triconnected, simple), add access to modificationfucntion (make acyclic, make biconnected, make biconnected).Documentation: A new documentation generation mechanism has been added, all thedocumentation has been improved (work in progress)General :Code cleaning and refactoring