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Tulip version 3.0.0 Beta1 released

This is a betarelease of the new 3.0.0 version: new APIs for Tulip libraries, new tlpformat, new interactor mechanism, new 2D glyphs, OpenGL performanceimprovement, SVG format support, Qt 4.2 support, mouse interactionimprovements, GEM plugin rewritten to support edge length (2D & 3D),many bug fixes, code refactoring and documentation.

details: new APIs: renaming of main classes in order to easecode writing, all classes are members of tlp tlpformat (version 2.0): file informations added (author, date, comments);old file format still supported as input.2D glyphs: newcircle, hexagone, pentagone, ring, square and triangle glyphs with userspecified border color.OpenGL rendering engine: improvement ofnon visible elements detection (use tulip matrix classes), improvementof augmented display feature (display and selection of non-graphelements), better alpha channel management, use of GL_AUX_BUFFER (needsgraphic card support)SVG format support: picture of graph canbe saved in SVG format.mouse interaction improvements: pan& zoom is always accessible. Selection edition uses imagemanipulation standard ergonomy.