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Tulip version 3.0.1 released

This is a new release with a newgraph test, some clustering plugins improvements, Qt 4.4 support,plugins manager improvements and bug fixes, and the repackaging of theprebuilt rpms.

details : newgraph test: a test to check the outer planarity of a graph has beenadded.2 clustering plugins improved: new parameters have beenadded to the 'Quotient clustering' and 'Equal Value' clustering plugins.The Quotient clustering algorithm can now be applied recursively on anentire hierarchy of subgraphs and meta nodes be automatically named. The'Equal value' algorithm allows to create connected or not connectedsubgraphs.Qt 4.4 support: Tulip can now be built with the lastQt 4.4 prebuilt binary packages on Windows and MacOSX platforms.pluginsmanager improvements and bug fixes: the plugins manager can now checkthe 'loadability' of the plugins in order to prevent from Tulip crashesat loat time. The display of the plugins list can now be focused on the'not installed' plugins. The installation/removal of the plugins can nowbe disabled regarding the write permission the user add on the pluginsinstallation directory.prebuilt rpms: The libtulip rpm is nowself sufficient and can be installed alone if only developement with thecore graph api is needed. Qt4 and the libtulip-qt4 rpm are no longerneeded to install the libtulip-ogl rpm.