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Tulip version 3.0.2 released

This is a new minor release with a new antialiasingoption, a new contextual menu, gcc/g++ 4.3 support, and many bug fixes.

details : antialiasing option:this option allows to enable/disable the antialiasing when rendering agraph. Disabling the antialiasing allow a faster rendering, enabling itallows a smoother contextual menu: a contextualmenu has been added in the graph view window. When navigating in ahierarchy of subgraphs it allows to retrieve already viewed subgraphs.gcc/g++4.3.0 support: the source code can now be successfully compiled withthat version of the gnu compiler. Some warnings about deprecatedstructures remain.many bug fixes: the 'Save picture as' optionwith EPS format has been fixed, bugs about the management of multi viewson a same graph have been fixed, bugs about the management of theoverview window and the level of details in the rendering engine havebeen fixed, bugs about the 'Set all' button have been fixed. Other minorbugs in the ergonomy of the GUI have been fixed. Bugs in the developermanual have been fixed.