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Tulip version 3.1.0 released

This is the new 3.1.0 version with a new undo/redo mechanism, the addition of 2 new types of graph views, an improved OpenGL rendering of graph elements.


  • undo/redo: the Tulip gui integrates 2 new toolbar items for undo/redo management. Only the last undo action can be replayed while there is no limit to the number of undo. This mechanism is implemented on top of the new push/pop Graph class api.
  • new types of graph views: this version enforces the use of multiple views on the same graph. Beside the standard node link diagram view, a graph can now be explored using a read only Spread sheet view or a Parallel coordinates view. The management of multiple graphs through a singleTulip gui is non longer supported. Only one graph can be managed at a time.
  • improved OpenGL rendering: the rendering of elements transparency and the drawing of edges in antialiasing mode have been improved.