Tulip  5.7.0
Large graphs analysis and drawing
tlp::AcyclicTest Class Reference

#include <AcyclicTest.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static bool acyclicTest (const Graph *graph, std::vector< edge > *obstructionEdges=nullptr)
static bool isAcyclic (const Graph *graph)
static void makeAcyclic (Graph *graph, std::vector< edge > &reversed, std::vector< tlp::SelfLoops > &selfLoops)

Detailed Description

This class provides tests for acyclicity on a graph. Results are cached in a map of graphs and result. This class observes the graphs that have been tested to remove the result from this graph if it is modified. This forces the use of the singleton pattern instead of simply using static functions/members.

Definition at line 60 of file AcyclicTest.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ acyclicTest()

static bool tlp::AcyclicTest::acyclicTest ( const Graph graph,
std::vector< edge > *  obstructionEdges = nullptr 

Returns whether the graph is acyclic. Collection of obstruction edges takes a bit of time, as iteration over the graph must continue even when it has been found cyclic.

graphthe graph to test for acyclicity
obstructionEdgesIf not null, will be filled with edges that cause the graph to be cyclic. Defaults to 0.

◆ isAcyclic()

static bool tlp::AcyclicTest::isAcyclic ( const Graph graph)

Checks whether the graph is acyclic or not. The result is cached so subsequent calls are in O(1).

graphThe graph on which to perform the acyclicity test.
bool True if the graph is acyclic, false otherwise.

◆ makeAcyclic()

static void tlp::AcyclicTest::makeAcyclic ( Graph graph,
std::vector< edge > &  reversed,
std::vector< tlp::SelfLoops > &  selfLoops 

Makes the graph acyclic by removing edges.

graphThe graph to make acyclic.
reversedThe edges that were reversed during the process.
selfLoopsSets of two nodes and three edges that were added instead of self loops.