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tlp::TreeTest Class Reference

Class for testing if the graph is a tree. More...

#include <TreeTest.h>

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Class for testing if the graph is a tree.

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static void tlp::TreeTest::cleanComputedTree ( Graph graph,
Graph tree 
) [static]

Clean the graph from a tree previously computed with the computeTree method

static Graph* tlp::TreeTest::computeTree ( Graph graph,
PluginProgress pluginProgress = NULL 
) [static]

Computes a rooted tree from the graph. The algorithm is the following :

  • if the graph is a rooted tree, returns the graph
  • if the graph is a free tree, returns a rooted clone subgraph
  • if the graph is connected, makes a clone subgraph and returns a rooted spanning tree of that clone
  • if the graph is not connected, makes a clone subgraph, computes a tree for each of its connected components, adds a simple source and returns the clone.
static bool tlp::TreeTest::isFreeTree ( Graph graph) [static]

Returns true if the graph is a topological tree (i.e. if the graph was undirected, there would be no cycle), false otherwise.

static bool tlp::TreeTest::isTree ( Graph graph) [static]

Returns true if the graph is a rooted tree (i.e. a graph with one node designated as the root), false otherwise.

static void tlp::TreeTest::makeDirectedTree ( Graph freeTree,
node  root 
) [inline, static]

Synonymous of the makeRootedTree method.

static void tlp::TreeTest::makeRootedTree ( Graph freeTree,
node  root 
) [static]

Turns a free tree into a rooted tree.

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