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tlp::SimpleTest Class Reference

#include <SimpleTest.h>

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class for testing if the graph is simple (ie no self loops and no multiple or parallel edges)

Member Function Documentation

static bool tlp::SimpleTest::isSimple ( Graph graph) [static]

Returns true if the graph is simple (i.e. it contains no self loops or parallel edges), false otherwise.

static void tlp::SimpleTest::makeSimple ( Graph graph,
std::vector< edge > &  removed 
) [static]

Makes the graph simple by removing self loops and parallel edges if any. The removed edges are stored in the removed vector.

static bool tlp::SimpleTest::simpleTest ( Graph graph,
std::vector< edge > *  multipleEdges = 0,
std::vector< edge > *  loops = 0 
) [static]

Performs simple test and stores found parallel edges in the multipleEdges vector and found self loops in the loops vector. Returns true if the graph is simple, false otherwise.

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