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tlp::PropertyObserver Class Reference

Observer for Property. More...

#include <ObservableProperty.h>

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  • class RealPropertyObserver

Public Member Functions


Detailed Description

Observer for Property.

The Observer pattern is described in the lecture notes and pp293-304 of Design Patterns by Gamma, Helm, Johnson, and Vlissides. It is a framework for handling state dependency between observer and observed object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::PropertyObserver::PropertyObserver ( ) [inline]
virtual tlp::PropertyObserver::~PropertyObserver ( ) [inline, virtual]
tlp::PropertyObserver::PropertyObserver ( const PropertyObserver ) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void tlp::PropertyObserver::afterSetAllEdgeValue ( PropertyInterface ) [inline, virtual]
virtual void tlp::PropertyObserver::afterSetAllNodeValue ( PropertyInterface ) [inline, virtual]
virtual void tlp::PropertyObserver::afterSetEdgeValue ( PropertyInterface ,
const edge   
) [inline, virtual]
virtual void tlp::PropertyObserver::afterSetNodeValue ( PropertyInterface ,
const node   
) [inline, virtual]
virtual void tlp::PropertyObserver::beforeSetAllEdgeValue ( PropertyInterface ) [inline, virtual]
virtual void tlp::PropertyObserver::beforeSetAllNodeValue ( PropertyInterface ) [inline, virtual]
virtual void tlp::PropertyObserver::beforeSetEdgeValue ( PropertyInterface ,
const edge   
) [inline, virtual]
virtual void tlp::PropertyObserver::beforeSetNodeValue ( PropertyInterface ,
const node   
) [inline, virtual]
virtual void tlp::PropertyObserver::destroy ( PropertyInterface ) [inline, virtual]
PropertyObserver& tlp::PropertyObserver::operator= ( const PropertyObserver ) [inline]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Observergraph [friend]
friend class PropertyInterface [friend]

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