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#include <IntegerProperty.h>

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::IntegerProperty::IntegerProperty ( Graph ,
std::string  n = "" 

Member Function Documentation

virtual void tlp::IntegerProperty::clone_handler ( AbstractProperty< IntegerType, IntegerType, IntegerAlgorithm > &  ) [protected, virtual]
PropertyInterface* tlp::IntegerProperty::clonePrototype ( Graph ,
const std::string &   
) [virtual]

Creates an object of the same real type of the current property, in the the graph (first parameter) with the name (second parameter). Values are not copied.

Implements tlp::PropertyInterface.

int tlp::IntegerProperty::compare ( const node  n1,
const node  n2 
) const [virtual]

Specific implementation of AbstractProperty::compare(node n1,node n2)

Reimplemented from tlp::AbstractProperty< Tnode, Tedge, TPROPERTY >.

int tlp::IntegerProperty::compare ( const edge  e1,
const edge  e2 
) const [virtual]

Specific implementation of AbstractProperty::compare(edge e1,edge e2)

Reimplemented from tlp::AbstractProperty< Tnode, Tedge, TPROPERTY >.

IntegerType::RealType tlp::IntegerProperty::getEdgeMax ( Graph sg = NULL)
IntegerType::RealType tlp::IntegerProperty::getEdgeMin ( Graph sg = NULL)
IntegerType::RealType tlp::IntegerProperty::getNodeMax ( Graph sg = NULL)
IntegerType::RealType tlp::IntegerProperty::getNodeMin ( Graph sg = NULL)
std::string tlp::IntegerProperty::getTypename ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Returns a string describing the type of the property. i.e. "graph", "double", "layout", "string", "integer", "color", "size", ...

Implements tlp::PropertyInterface.

virtual void tlp::IntegerProperty::setAllEdgeValue ( const int &  v) [virtual]
virtual void tlp::IntegerProperty::setAllNodeValue ( const int &  v) [virtual]
virtual void tlp::IntegerProperty::setEdgeValue ( const edge  e,
const int &  v 
) [virtual]
virtual void tlp::IntegerProperty::setNodeValue ( const node  n,
const int &  v 
) [virtual]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class IntegerAlgorithm [friend]

Member Data Documentation

const std::string tlp::IntegerProperty::propertyTypename [static]

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