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tlp::QtGlSceneZoomAndPanAnimator Class Reference

#include <QtGlSceneZoomAndPanAnimator.h>

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A convenient class to perform a Zoom and Pan animation on a GlMainWidget.

This class allows to perform a Zoom and Pan animation on the Tulip OpenGL scene associated with a GlMainWidget The algorithm used to perform this task is the one published in : Jarke J. van Wijk and Wim A.A. Nuij, "Smooth and efficient zooming and panning" For more details, the paper can be downloaded at the following url : www.win.tue.nl/~vanwijk/zoompan.pdf

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::QtGlSceneZoomAndPanAnimator::QtGlSceneZoomAndPanAnimator GlMainWidget glWidget,
const BoundingBox &  boundingBox,
const bool  optimalPath = true,
const double  velocity = 1.1,
const double  p = sqrt(1.6)

QtGlSceneZoomAndPanAnimator constructor

glWidget The Tulip OpenGL widget on which to perform the animation *
boundingBox the bounding box in scene coordinates on which the Tulip OpenGL scene has to be zoomed and panned. At the end of the animation, the viewport will be zoomed and centered on the content of that bounding box.
optimalPath if true zooming and panning will be combined at each step of the animation, if false the scene will be zoomed out/in, panned then zoomed in/out
velocity animation speed parameter, adjust it according to your needs
p zoom/pan trade-off parameter, adjust it according to your needs

Member Function Documentation

void tlp::QtGlSceneZoomAndPanAnimator::animateZoomAndPan  ) 

Method to call to start the Zoom and Pan animation

virtual void tlp::QtGlSceneZoomAndPanAnimator::zoomAndPanAnimStepSlot int  animationStep  )  [protected, virtual, slot]

Member Data Documentation

double tlp::QtGlSceneZoomAndPanAnimator::animationDurationMsec [protected]

GlMainWidget* tlp::QtGlSceneZoomAndPanAnimator::glWidget [protected]

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