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tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget Class Reference

#include <ImportCSVDataWidget.h>

Inherits tlp::CSVContentHandler.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::ImportCSVDataWidget QWidget *  parent = NULL  ) 

virtual tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::~ImportCSVDataWidget  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::begin  )  [virtual]

Function called at the beginning of the file parsing.

Implements tlp::CSVContentHandler.

virtual ImportCSVDataConfigurationWidget* tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::buildConfigurationWidget QWidget *  parent  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual CSVParser* tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::buildCSVParser  )  [protected, virtual]

Create and return the CSV parser object.

QWidget* tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::buildWidget QWidget *  parent  ) 

virtual bool tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::checkIfDataAreValid  )  [protected, virtual]

Function used to check if all the selected options are valid.

virtual void tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::CSVFileChanged QString  file  )  [protected, virtual, slot]

void tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::end unsigned int  rowNumber,
unsigned int  columnNumber

Function called at the end of the parsing.

rowNumber the number of row read in the file.
columnNumber The column number for the line with the greatest column number.

Implements tlp::CSVContentHandler.

bool tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::existingPropertyIsCompatibleWithType tlp::Graph *  graph,
const std::string &  propertyName,
ImportCSVDataConfigurationWidget::PropertyType  propertyType
const [protected]

Test if a property is compatible with the given type.

tlp::Graph* tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::getGraph  )  const [inline]

tlp::node tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::getNextNode  )  [protected]

Get the next node in the graph if it exists or an invalid node.

tlp::node tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::getNode unsigned int  row,
unsigned int  column

Compute the node number in function of the given row and column.

tlp::PropertyInterface* tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::getProperty tlp::Graph *  graph,
const std::string &  propertyName,
ImportCSVDataConfigurationWidget::PropertyType  propertyType

Find or create a property in the graph.

tlp::PropertyInterface* tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::getPropertyInterface unsigned int  row,
unsigned int  column,
const std::string &  token

Get the property interface for the given row or column or create it if needed.

void tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::graphChanged tlp::Graph *  newGraph  )  [protected]

Function called to set the graph.

ImportCSVDataConfigurationWidget::PropertyType tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::guessDataType const std::string &  data,
const std::string &  decimalSeparator

Try to find the type from a string.

ImportCSVDataConfigurationWidget::PropertyType tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::guessVectorDataType const std::vector< std::string > &  dataRow  )  [protected]

Try to find the type of a vector of string.

virtual void tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::loadCSVData  )  [protected, virtual]

Parse and load data in the graph.

bool tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::loadDataIntoGraph  ) 

virtual void tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::propertyOrientationChanged ImportCSVDataConfigurationWidget::PropertyOrientation  oritentation  )  [protected, virtual, slot]

virtual void tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::separatorChanged QString  newSeparator  )  [protected, virtual, slot]

void tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::setGraph tlp::Graph *  graph  ) 

void tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::stopDataLoading  )  [protected]

Stop the current data loading.

void tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::token unsigned int  row,
unsigned int  column,
const std::string &  token

Function called for each tokens found in the file.

row The row position of the token.
column The column position of the token.
token The token.

Implements tlp::CSVContentHandler.

virtual void tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::updatePreviews  )  [protected, virtual]

void tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::updateWidgetState  )  [protected]

virtual void tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::useFirstRowAsPropertyNameChanged bool  useFirstRow  )  [protected, virtual, slot]

void tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::validStateChange bool  valid  )  [signal]

Member Data Documentation

tlp::node tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::currentNode [protected]

tlp::Graph* tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::graph [protected]

std::map<unsigned int,tlp::node> tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::nodesBuffer [protected]

tlp::Iterator<tlp::node>* tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::nodesIterator [protected]

QMessageBox::StandardButton tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::overwritePropertiesButton [protected]

CSVParser* tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::parser [protected]

tlp::PluginProgress* tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::pluginProgress [protected]

std::map<unsigned int ,tlp::PropertyInterface*> tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::propertiesBuffer [protected]

ImportCSVDataConfigurationWidget* tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::propertiesWidget [protected]

QWidget* tlp::ImportCSVDataWidget::rootWidget [protected]

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