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tlp::GraphPropertiesTableWidget Class Reference

#include <GraphPropertiesTableWidget.h>

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Widget to display properties for a graph. Widget to display properties for a graph. User can filter displayed properties in function of their name with a QRegularExpression. Property name don't need to fully match regular expression to be displayed, if only one part of the name match the property is displayed.

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Member Enumeration Documentation

enum tlp::GraphPropertiesTableWidget::PropertyType


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::GraphPropertiesTableWidget::GraphPropertiesTableWidget QWidget *  parent = NULL  ) 

virtual tlp::GraphPropertiesTableWidget::~GraphPropertiesTableWidget  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual QTableWidgetItem* tlp::GraphPropertiesTableWidget::createPropertyItem PropertyInterface *  property,
int  column
[protected, virtual]

Return the QTableWidgetItem for the given property and the given column.

property The property interface of the item.
column The column number of the item to create.

std::vector<std::string> tlp::GraphPropertiesTableWidget::getDisplayedPropertiesNames  )  const

Get the list of the properties currently displayed in the table.

Graph* tlp::GraphPropertiesTableWidget::getGraph  )  const [inline]

virtual QStringList tlp::GraphPropertiesTableWidget::getHeaderList  )  const [protected, virtual]

Return the column headers list. Each string in the list correspond to a column in the table. This function is called when filling the table.

The list of the headers for the columns.

virtual std::string tlp::GraphPropertiesTableWidget::getPropertyNameForRow int  row  )  const [virtual]

PropertyType tlp::GraphPropertiesTableWidget::getPropertyType  )  const [inline]

std::vector<std::string> tlp::GraphPropertiesTableWidget::getSelectedPropertiesNames  )  const

virtual void tlp::GraphPropertiesTableWidget::setGraph tlp::Graph *  newGraph  )  [virtual]

void tlp::GraphPropertiesTableWidget::setPropertyNameFilter const QRegExp &  nameRegExp  ) 

Set a regular expression to filter the properties on their name.

void tlp::GraphPropertiesTableWidget::setPropertyTypeFilter PropertyType  typeFilter  ) 

Set the kind of view to display.

void tlp::GraphPropertiesTableWidget::setSelectedPropertiesNames const std::vector< std::string > &  selectedProperties  ) 

Update the properties selection. Do not emit the selection changed signal.

virtual void tlp::GraphPropertiesTableWidget::updateTable  )  [virtual]

Clear and redraw the widget.

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