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tlp::GlMainWidgetGraphicsWidget Class Reference

#include <GlMainWidgetItem.h>

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Detailed Description

Class use to render a GlMainWidget in a QGraphicsItemWidget.

Use this class if you want to add a GlMainWidget in the form of QGraphicsItemWidget

Public Member Functions

Protected Attributes

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::GlMainWidgetGraphicsWidget::GlMainWidgetGraphicsWidget GlMainWidgetGraphicsView parent,
GlMainWidget glMainWidget,
int  width,
int  height,
QGraphicsItem *  = NULL,
Qt::WindowFlags  flags = Qt::Widget

Main constructor.

parent GraphicsView parent class
glMainWidgte glMainWidget use by this item
width size on scene
height size of scene
parentItem use this if you want to construct this item with a parent item

Member Function Documentation

GlMainWidgetItem* tlp::GlMainWidgetGraphicsWidget::getGlMainWidgetItem  )  [inline]

Return the GlMainWidgetItem use

void tlp::GlMainWidgetGraphicsWidget::resizeEvent QGraphicsSceneResizeEvent *  event  )  [inline]

This fuction is use when the size of the widget modified Change size of the GlMainWidgetItem

Member Data Documentation

GlMainWidgetItem tlp::GlMainWidgetGraphicsWidget::glMainWidgetItem [protected]

GlMainWidgetGraphicsView* tlp::GlMainWidgetGraphicsWidget::parent [protected]

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