Chapter 5. Tulip QT Library

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Interactors
Interactor example
Interactor Component
Interactor itself
View example
How to create a view
An other solution : Use AbstractView or GlMainView
4. Controllers
Empty Controller
Controller example
ControllerAlgorithmTools class
ControllerViewsTools class
ControllerViewsManager class

1. Introduction

In Tulip the plugin system is extended to interactors, views and controllers

  • An interactor provide a mechanisme to modify view and/or data (graph)

  • A view is a way to visualize graph (and others data if you want)

  • A controller is here to change the aspect of Tulip and to manage views

Here you have a picture represent a modified Model-View-Controller architectural pattern

  • Controller manage views and model (graph)

  • Views use model to display it

  • Interactors is a mini controller system who manage attached view and model