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tlp::GlConvexGraphHull Class Reference

This class draws a convex hull around a graph. More...

#include <GlConvexGraphHull.h>

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Detailed Description

This class draws a convex hull around a graph.

Given a graph, this class computes the various control points of a convex hull that embraces the nodes and edges present into the graph. If this entity is translated using the translate method, every element of the linked graph will be translated as well.

The graph or any of the properties linked to a GlConvexGraphHull should never be deleted before the entity. Such a thing should be reported to the user in debug mode, raising an assertion.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::GlConvexGraphHull::GlConvexGraphHull ( GlComposite parent,
const std::string &  name,
const tlp::Color &  fcolor,
Graph *  graph,
LayoutProperty *  layout,
SizeProperty *  size,
DoubleProperty *  rotation 


fcolorThe color used to fill the hull.
graphThe graph whose elements should be inside the hull.
layoutThe property used to layout the elements in the graph.
sizeThe property defining the graph's elements' sizes.
rotationThe property defining the graph's elements' rotation.
tlp::GlConvexGraphHull::~GlConvexGraphHull ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool tlp::GlConvexGraphHull::isVisible ( )
void tlp::GlConvexGraphHull::setVisible ( bool  visible)
void tlp::GlConvexGraphHull::updateHull ( )

Recomputes the whole Hull

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