Chapter 3. Functionalities

Table of Contents

1. Management of Graphs
The Find tool
2. Algorithms
Selection Algorithms
Color Algorithms :
3. Properties of graph
Rendering Properties
Using Properties
4. Hierarchy
Definitions :
Creating subgraphs or Groups :
Removing / Ungrouping a subgraph or a Group :
Using subgraphs or groups :
Algorithms that create subgraphs :
5. Text Rendering

1. Management of Graphs

Tulip software offers a way to create and manage graphs. The main window enables to have several 3D views to show differents graphs. The menu bar enables the user to create a new view. In there and with the mouse toolbar, the users can create nodes and edges at the place where the pointer is. When you have a graph and you want to keep traces of the graph, you can save it in the .tlp format, of Tulip Software. An other option is to export it in the GML format, for the graphlet system, a toolkit for graph editors and graph algorithms. Then, you can save as an picture the result you had. Tulip supports different formats : BMP, EPS, JPEG, PBM, PGM, PNG, PPM, SVG, XBM, XPM.

Tulip could generate a graph from data : importation.

Examples of importation

  • Adjacency Matrix : a form of representation of graphs. Please visit Wikipedia: Adjacency Matrix for more details.

  • File System : make a graph with your file system ; the root is the directory you have selected.

  • GML import : create a graph from this other format.

  • dot : create a graph from graphviz format.

The second possibility is to generate automatically different kinds of graph : Graph, Tree, Grid, which could be complete, simple, uniform, ...

Examples of generation

  • Complete General Graph

  • Complete Tree

  • Grid

  • Grid approximation

  • Random General Graph

  • Random Simple Graph

  • Uniform Random Binary Tree

It is posssible to do a Copy-Paste. You can cut, copy and paste selected elements from a view. When you paste an element, it is placed at the same location it was in the original view. Use View->Center View (Ctrl+Shift+C) to make it visible in the second view. The menus and the mouse toolbar allow you to select the operation you want to perform on the selection.

The Find tool

In the Edit menu, it exists a Find item allowing to do some requests on the current graph. The tool gives a way to choose the desired property and the action you want perform regarding the current selection: Make out of the found elements a new selection, Add them to the selection, Remove them from the selection or Intersect them with the current selection.