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GraphML Import

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A simple GraphML import plugin. Needs some work before being published on the pluginserver.

Compiling Tulip plugins (Tulip 3)

Hi there,

I recently posted about compiling Tulip using CMake, I'm now going to tell you how to build your plugin and install them onto your Tulip installation.

The first thing you need is a working version of Tulip. Since pre-compiled packages on our website come as standalone applications (meaning that every required librarie, like Qt or so, are provided with the Tulip executable), you won't be able to develop plugins using one of those packages.

Tulip in 2011

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Happy new year to you all !

As you may have noticed, the plug-in of the week has been late, and in fact is in hold until the next release comes out.

As we are nearing the release, lots of works goes into polishing and bugfixing, and with the holidays none of us had enough time to write a full plug-in or tutorial.


But the plug-in of the week is not dead, and will come back soon after the 3.5.0 release !


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