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This term regroups all the development tutorials for Tulip.

GEXF (Gephi graph format) import plugin

This plugin allow to import graphs in Tulip saved in the GEXF file format, proper to Gephi, another Graph visualization software. The plugin is able to import graph structure but also attributes associated to nodes and edges. The visual properties (color, label, size, position) are also parsed. Last but not least, an option allows edges shapes to be curved the same way Gephi does.

Edge Separation

This tutorial will walk you through developing a process that simply separate edges when there are multiple edges between two nodes.


What we want to do is pretty simple:

When we have lots of edges between two nodes, it is pretty hard to keep track of them, especially since the default behavior piles them up and you really see one edge.

This would typically be called as a post-treatment after another layout algorithm.


General Purpose Interactor