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Tulip 3.6.0 is out !

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Tulip 3.6.0 is out in its final version, as we fixed the few remaining bugs in the beta, and reverted a change that cause more trouble than we had foressen.

Algorithms are not run in a background thread anymore, as some plug-ins created GUI elements, and Qt widgets should only be created in the main thread.

This new version brings quite a lot of stuff :

New "Screenshot" button, allowing to export an image of the current graph to any resolution !

All the OGDF algorithms are now installed by default

new labeling system, makes text much more readable

new TableView allows to easily see and edit your data in a tabular format

lots of UI improvements to make Tulip more intuitive (the leftmost panel shows a disabled style while not useable)

Attributes are saved on subgraphs

Integration of a multitouch patch that allows zooming using the "pinch" gesture

And, of course, bugfixes and performance improvements too.