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Feature Assignee State Version
New label system phalent Done 3.6
move OGDF bridge in the trunk packadal/anlambert Done 3.6
compute algorithms in a background thread packadal Done 3.6
Save Attributes on subgraphs pmary Done 3.6
Create a wizard for picture output phalent Done 3.6
Allow transfer of source/target nodes in edge bends editor phalent Done 3.6
integrate multitouch patch packadal in progress 3.6 ?
Rewrite of the Controller system sihayaa in progress 4.0
use the new TableWidget jonathandubois in progress 4.0
Use QGraphhics for Views sihayaa

in progress

New Observer system auber; pmary in progress 4.0
have View be Observers of the Model phalent not started 4.X
refactoring of the rendering engine for meta-nodes phalent not started 4.X
Views drawing system improvement (using new Observers) (sihayaa ?) not started 4.X
Dynamic graph editor demo perspective sihayaa not started ??

Where X is 6 or more.