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Google Summer of Code 2011 Ideas Page

All these projects require some C++ knowledge, and nothing more.

Having some Qt knowledge couldn't hurt, nor familiarity with Graph theory, but neither are required.

We have plans for these ideas, and in some cases UML diagrams even ! Don't be afraid by the succint descriptions !

New plugin server

The actual plug-in server needs a huge refactoring or a rewrite (a rewrite would probably be simpler).

This would consist of two parts: the client-side (tulip plugin manager) and the server-side (plugin server).

The server can do with a small refactoring, but the plugin manager would most likely need a complete rewrite.

This project will use C++, Qt, and maybe some PHP for the server-side.


This project's goal is to find a solution for the QtJambi plug-in to work fully under windows, and have a process for compiling/deploying it.

Dynamic graphs view

Dynamic graphs are everywhere these days, and Tulip lacks a basic perspective or view to display them easily.

The goal is to develop one such perspective in a re-useable way, allowing for easy visualization of a timeline, and if time allows, edition of said timeline.

Tulip WebGL engine

We have already made several tests with webGL, our first prototype can display networks of over 100.000 nodes and edges at 20fps in Google Chrome.

The idea of the project is to create a webGL rendering engine that supports all the features of the Tulip OpenGL engine.

For that project, experience on GPU programming and OpenGL ES is recommended.
Knowledge on data compression through network is welcome