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Windows compilation in a nutshell - Setting up environment variables (part1)

V- Setting up environment variables

At this point, you should have Qt, Mingw and MSYS installed on your computer. As we said, we will referer to those installation paths like this :

. %QT_DIR% : Folder where you installed Qt.
. %MINGW_DIR% : Folder where MinGW is located (%QT_DIR%\mingw).
 . %MSYS_DIR% : Folder where you installed MSYS.

First, wee need to open environment variables configuration window :

Open the Control Panel from the Start panel, click on System and Security, then click on System. A window should popup.  Click on Advanced system settings on your left

A new window should come up, select the Advanced tab then click on the Environment variables button.

You will finally see the environment variables configuration panel.

Note : in the following operations, we will setup a configuration for the current user only. If you have sufficient administrative rights and want to setup a system-wide configuration, edit the environment variables in the System variables section instead of the User variables.

When compiling Tulip, CMake will try to find automatically the required external libraries and headers by looking in the default system paths and in some environment variables. Two of those variables are CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH and CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH

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