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Windows compilation in a nutshell - Installing MSYS

III- Installing MSYS

MSYS is a collection of GNU utilities such as bash, make, gawk, to provide an UNIX-like development environment on Windows plateform.

Download MSYS here : There should be a link called MSYS version directing on a SourceForge page. You’ll get a MSYS-version.exe file.

Run it and follow the installation process.

Note the MSYS installation path. We will later refer to it as %MSYS_DIR%

After installation of files, you will see a command prompt asking if you want to follow the post-install process. Answer y.

Then answer y when you are asked if MinGW is installed

When asked for the mingw installation directory, input %MINGW_DIR% in the format described by the installer

You should now have a valid MSYS installation on your system. You can run MSYS shell from the start menu by selecting MSYS (rvxt). The standard MSYS does not seem to correctly handle stdio and you may have problem with your cout when running your application.

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