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tlp::DataSet Member List
This is the complete list of members for tlp::DataSet, including all inherited members.
DataSet()tlp::DataSet [inline]
DataSet(const DataSet &set)tlp::DataSet
empty() const tlp::DataSet
exist(const std::string &str) const tlp::DataSet
get(const std::string &key, T &value) const tlp::DataSet
getAndFree(const std::string &key, T &value)tlp::DataSet
getData(const std::string &str) const tlp::DataSet
getValues() const tlp::DataSet
operator=(const DataSet &set)tlp::DataSet
read(std::istream &is, DataSet &ds)tlp::DataSet [static]
readData(std::istream &is, const std::string &prop, const std::string &outputTypeName)tlp::DataSet
registerDataTypeSerializer(const DataTypeSerializer &serializer)tlp::DataSet [inline, static]
remove(const std::string &str)tlp::DataSet
set(const std::string &key, const T &value)tlp::DataSet
setData(const std::string &str, const DataType *value)tlp::DataSet
size() const tlp::DataSet
typenameToSerializer(const std::string &name)tlp::DataSet [static]
write(std::ostream &os, const DataSet &ds)tlp::DataSet [static]
writeData(std::ostream &os, const std::string &prop, const DataType *dt) const tlp::DataSet

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