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Windows compilation in a nutshell - Compiling Tulip in release and debug mode (part 2)

Note on Debug build: If you want to build in Tulip in Debug mode, you’ll have to follow those extra steps :
Run the cmake-gui utility and specify the build, source and install folder (as we previously explained).
Leave Release as build type, then check the Advanced box:

In the Search box, type the following : CXX_FLAGS
You will see several variables containing compiler flags. Modify the CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS_RELEASE variable :
    . Erase everything in the value box
    . Put –g instead

This will build a version of Tulip with debugger symbols. Click on configure, then Generate. And build Tulip as we previously explained.
Congratulations ! You now have a valid installation of Tulip in Debug and Release mode on your computer, you now have a base setup to start developing and packaging your own plugins. The rest of this tutorial will cover the use of some external tools that can help you while developing along with Tulip.

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